1/ Our first release was Air's score for Sofia Coppola's 'The Virgin Suicides', a project we A&Red entirely. Air left the label for good 6 years ago.

2/ The original version of Sebastien Tellier's 'La Ritournelle' features Tony Allen on drums, long before he was hired by Damon Albarn or Air or whoever. We asked him because he's the best drummer alive and lives in Paris!

3/ Kavinsky's Testarossa video was Jonas & Francois' first ever video. Since then they have worked for Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Kanye West and Justice. The very day we put the Kavinsky video online, MTV were urging us to give them a copy!

4/ Mr Oizo a.k.a Quentin Dupieux mixed Sebastien Tellier's first album L'Incroyable Verite back in 2001, an album with absolutely no beat!

5/ Hypnolove's first album features Bitch Lap Lap on vocals, who has become rather popular all around the world under another name: 5 letters, starts with an 'F'.

6/ The 1976 score for John Carpenter's 'Assault on Precinct 13' remained unreleased before we put it out in 2003. The numerous messages of love that we received from around the world would indicate we filled a gap.

7/ Arpanet released a prophetic album about smart phones and wireless internet back in 2000. It is called 'Wireless Internet'.

8/ Sebastien Tellier's 'Sexuality' and Kavinsky's 'Nightcall' are the only releases produced by Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo outside of Daft Punk / Crydamoure.

9/ Sébastien Tellier inhaled helium on stage during his Eurovision performance. He sang like a duck for 20 seconds in front of over 100 million viewers!

10/ Turzi approached Record Makers for an internship in 2004. We preferred to sign him as an artist. Since then, he has released the new krautrock manifesto 'Made Under Authority', recorded songs with Primal Scream’s Bobby Gillespie and Brigitte Fontaine for his latest album ‘B’ and performed a private gig in for Tangerine Dream's Edgar Froese..