A Girl Is a Gun (Music from the Original Series)

(10 / 2017)

Sébastien Tellier

A Girl Is a Gun (Music from the Original Series)
1. Powered Girls 02:43 1.29 €
2. Wings 03:13 1.29 €
3. Chrysalis 02:48 1.29 €
4. Lovely Blonde 03:21 1.29 €
5. Shooters 03:41 1.29 €
6. Cake News 01:14 1.29 €
7. Tactical Girls 02:26 1.29 €
8. She's a Lie 01:25 1.29 €
9. Drunk on the Radio 02:55 1.29 €
10. A Gun on Your Head 03:37 1.29 €
11. Penestra 03:28 1.29 €
Album available in digital, and in cassette here

Sebastien Tellier scores Mathieu Tonetti’s series “A Girl Is a Gun

Sebastien Tellier and Mathieu Tonetti have a long story together. They befriended in their teenage years, spent loads of time together watching films like “Starship Troopers”, listening to music and creating. One was a musician, the other was a film maker. Tonetti shot Tellier’s first video for “Universe” from Tellier’s first album “L’incroyable vérité” (2001). “A Girl Is a Gun” is Tonetti’s first long feature, actually a series of 10 minutes episodes to air on blackpills Oct. 16th. It was very natural for him to ask Tellier to score the series, as he knew he would understand what was needed for his erotic-feminist series starring the one and only Denise Richards, of… “Starship Troopers” fame!

In his unique style, Tellier created a 80s-inspired score made of synth and guitars. He sang on “Lovely Blonde”, and used some sounds from the series in his creation.
The “A Girl Is a Gun” album is more than a score, it reminds the listener of some classic film-inspired albums such as Air’s “The Virgin Suicides” or Tangerine Dreams’ “Thief”.

The series follows three women (Santa Fe, Nenuphar, Vegas) living in Los Angeles who go missing, creating a wave of panic in the city. While the police suspects a serial killer is behind the disappearance, the three women have actually joined a secret guerrilla camp, "where they train to avenge the injustice of a misogynistic system that humiliates and exploits women."

Available on blackpills – 10 episodes of 10 minutes
Directed by Mathieu Tonetti
Casting: Denise Richards, Nikki Leigh, Charlotte McKinney, Courtney Sinclair