Beige 70 (Domenique Dumont Bilingual Remix)

(12 / 2018)

Cola Boyy

Matthew Urango, aka Cola Boyy, is a 28 year old artist coming from Oxnard, California, discovered on the occasion of a concert in Los Angeles during June 2016.
Cola Boyy is an unusual and self-taught musician & singer. His very typical but natural voice is the consequence of a disability from birth. His deviant disco songs talk about love and the happiness it breeds, while letting the rage of a rather different-looking militant crooner go.
His debut EP “Black Boogie Neon“ was released September 21 via Record Makers.

French label Antinote’s cult duo Domenique Dumont strikes again and gives “Beige 70” a fresh new tropical spin with this “Bilingual“ remix, translating Cola Boyy’s romantic lyrics into a Wally Badarou-esque French boogie track reminiscent of the best recordings from the infamous Compass Point Studios (Grace Jones, Robert Palmer, Talking Heads, etc.).