Climax (Lipelis Remixes)

(11 / 2019)


Climax (Lipelis Remixes)
1. Climax (Lipelis Extended Disco Version) 05:02 1.29 €
2. Climax (Lipelis Smooth Cali Dub) 06:53 1.29 €
Very happy to present these two new exclusive edits of the song "Climax" by Russian don Lipelis (Public Possession/Animals Dancing), responsible for some of the most exciting disco edits from this past year.
One classic disco extended reinterpretation & and a trippy laidback Cali style dub version!
Funny story: without our knowledge, Lipelis had made an amazing bootleg edit of ‘Mademoiselle’ back in the days, apparently an underground club classic in Russia in 2005!