(06 / 2023)


"I wanted to make band music but with only my guitar and computer"
A Chic bassline + guitars & strings inspired by Leonard Cohen + a Prince style drum machine, and disarming genuine lyrics. Here is Blasé's special recipe!
Record Makers is proud to introduce its new artist: Blasé!
Agoria, Metronomy, Lala &ce, Jwles… all have trusted Blasé in the past for his productions. Blasé was also part of the duo Haute whose song "Shut Me Down" became a COLORS Session classic back in 2017. After years being a popular hip-hop producer, Blasé is back to amateur mode inventing his own sound, looking for his voice : "Well, I might just sing about why I like writing melodies", hence his unique & quite ingenious lyrics.
"Mélodie" is a real manifesto: "Dire les choses que j'sais pas dire, c'est pour ça que j'écris des mélodies. […] Ça fait des années que je suis en quarantine. J'ai fait l'plein de vitamines." - "To express things I don't know how to say. That's why I write melodies. […] it's been years since I am in quarantine. I filled up on vitamins."

"Mélodie" is from his debut EP to come after Summer...

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