september 6th, 2023

Second single out now!

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Record Maker's new recruit is slowly showing his multiple skills. Here's his second track, this time in English.

Although Frenchman, Blasé spent his childhood in NYC and you can hear it on "Number One", which recalls The Strokes, or Phoenix. Logical after all.

And of course it's a love song.



september 1st, 2023

New single 'Acid Arizona' out now

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nit's sound is progressive. You won't get all hooks in the first 30 seconds of the tune, sorry Spotify!

If you listen to Acid Arizona until the end, you will experience the proper instrumental odyssey feel that he wishes for you. It might recall you successively a golden-era Sébastien Tellier, Britney Spears' Toxic, an Italian soundtrack maestro that everyone knows, and of course aciiiid music...

'Acid Arizona' + the first 4 singles


june 28th, 2023

New artist & debut single out now

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"I wanted to make band music but with only my guitar and computer"
A Chic bassline + guitars & strings inspired by Leonard Cohen + a Prince style drum machine, and disarming genuine lyrics. Here is Blasé's special recipe.
Record Makers is proud to introduce a new artist : Blasé !
Agoria, Metronomy, Lala &ce, Jwles… all have trusted Blasé in the past for his productions. Blasé was also part of the duo Haute whose song "Shut Me Down" became a COLORS Session classic back in 2017. After years being a popular hip-hop producer, Blasé is back to amateur mode inventing his own sound, looking for his voice : "Well, I might just sing about why I like writing melodies", hence his unique & quite ingenious lyrics.
"Mélodie" is a real manifesto : "Dire les choses que j'sais pas dire, c'est pour ça que j'écris des mélodies. […] Ça fait des années que je suis en quarantine. J'ai fait l'plein de vitamines." - "To express things I don't know how to say. That's why I write melodies. […] it's been years since I am in quarantine. I filled up on vitamins."

"Mélodie" is from Blasé's debut EP to come after Summer...



june 7th, 2023

New single 'Paradoxe' available

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After the release of his first three singles ("Pazzo", "Looney Tune" and "Drawn to Me"), nit returns with one of his most promising tracks to date, the first step towards his debut album, to be released this fall. "Paradoxe A, B & Z" is an ambitious synth odyssey in three parts where nit breaks every boundary of sound helped by young wizard Krampf (Ascendant Vierge, Oklou…). An impressive sound journey reminiscent of Robert Miles, Ennio Morricone and Thomas Bangalter. Lush, wide, and adventurous, it’s the French Touch sound of the future.



april 21th, 2023

'Ghost Carnival' is turning 10!

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On April 22nd 2013 was released Hypnolove's gem, "Ghost Carnival", a few days before Daft Punk’s R.A.M.. Ten years later, "Ghost Carnival" is still a Record Makers' classic, an hybrid, between electronic and organic album, praised by the medias as a goldsmith’s work. It is the bedside record of a whole generation of French groovers who got carried away…

For the occasion, the band decided to release the collection of the producer's dub, Mickey Moonlight, an unreleased track, and Pilooski's remix for "Winter in the Sun", which has became the hit to accompany a barbecue, an aperitif or the party that follows!


Nicolas Godin

march 24th, 2023

Release of the vinyl of the soundtrack for 'Fire of Love'

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Record Makers is excited to announce the release the limited vinyl version of “Fire of Love”, the lavish soundtrack to the film of the same name composed by French electronic producer and AIR founder Nicolas Godin. The 15-track album is comprised of the score Godin contributed to the film – which just received the Outstanding Original Score Award at the recent Cinema Eyes Honors ceremony - as well as original music inspired by it. The vinyl is available March 24th, and the documentary - nominated at the Academy Awards & BAFTA as Best Documentary - can be seen via Disney+.

From National Geographic Documentary Films comes the extraordinary love story of intrepid French scientists Katia and Maurice Krafft, who died just as explosively as they lived — capturing the most spectacular imagery ever recorded of their greatest passion: volcanoes.

When [Director] Sara Dosa and I talked for the first time about Fire of Love, we were wondering what kind of music would suit Katia and Maurice’s spirits the best. We focused on the DIY experimental method they used all their life as a film making process and I thought to myself: what if in their own lab, they would have a tiny room full of electronic instruments and oscillators. They would record the soundtracks of their films themselves with well-chosen faithful collaborators. One word popped up in my mind: Homemade. No expensive orchestra or pretentious percussion slams,” says Godin.

He continues, “Coming from the home studio recording world myself (as well as all the original members of the so called ‘French touch’ late nineties electronic music scene), it was easy to picture myself in Katia and Maurice’s lab, creating sounds, noises, and melodies with a bunch of antique keyboards and analog tape recorders. That’s how the Fire of Love soundtrack was born.

The result of this musical work is a lush electronic krautrock score in the manner of Tangerine Dream or Oneohtrix Point Never.
Vinyl edition available + streaming/download


november 25th, 2022

New single 'Pazzo' available w/ an I:Cube dub

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After the release of "Drawn to Me" and "Looney Tune", his first two tracks with Record Makers, and a remix for Phoenix's latest single "Tonight", nit returns with a dynamite pop song called "Pazzo", mixing funk & boogie with epic Italian baroque pop, featuring Italian singer Sylvio Mascaro. nit's production skills appear solid as ever with this joyous tune!
The single gets the honor of receiving a dub version cooked by dub extraordinaire & French Touch icon I:Cube, making it a transalpine odyssey of echos and a unique balearic hit for snowy mountains sunsets…


Tristesse Contemporaine

october 14th, 2022

New album 'UNITED' out now!

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UNITED, Tristesse Contemporaine's fourth LP produced by Lewis OfMan, is now available on digital & vinyl!

Tristesse Contemporaine is a unique multicultural band like only France can bring out nowadays: a Japanese, an British Jamaican and a Swedish. They unite behind one pop flag: that of their new album "UNITED", produced by French prodigy Lewis OfMan (Rejjie Snow, Carly Rae Jepsen). Between New York disco, 90's breakbeat, reggae, digital pop of the 2000s, and British rock like their first music. A patchwork album powerful in its diversity and timeless, unexpected and yet definitely modern.

Out now on digital & vinyl

Sofie Royer

october 12th, 2022

Live at la Nouvelle Ève Oct. 26

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Sofie Royer vient fêter à Paris le 26 Octobre la sortie de son nouvel album "Harlequin" (Stones Throw) au mythique cabaret La Nouvelle Ève. Née en Californie de parents autrichiens et iraniens, Sofie jouera une partie de son répertoire romantique, baroque et dansant, au piano et au violon.


Tristesse Contemporaine

july 20th, 2022

New single 'XRaver' available

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After the very Caribbean "Rude!", first extract from their new album coming this Fall and which went rather off their beaten track, Tristesse Contemporaine are back to their original roots with their new song "XRaver", an exhilarating song halfway between the British rock of their past records and a drum'n'bass infused production from the brilliant upcoming producer Lewis OfMan (Rejjie Snow, Vendredi Sur Mer…).
"XRaver" is an end of the night kind of song, reminiscing of Lou Reed's infamous talk-overs. A song that you put in your headphones walking home, dazed by the darkness of the night but still high on the excitement of the dancefloor. The Cure meets Aphex Twin, and a song inherited from Nat King Cole's "The Party's Over".


Tristesse Contemporaine

july 6th, 2022

New single out + PPJ & GЯEG remixes!

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"Rude!", their new song made in collaboration with Lewis OfMan (French young prodigy behind hit song "Attitude" and producer for Rejjie Snow among others), is the best representation to date of their unique association from different origins: Japan, England/Jamaica, Sweden… and France, oui Monsieur!

"Rude!" is the first extract from Tristesse Contemporaine's fourth album coming this fall, which shows the band doing a 180° bend from their past sound. Their in-your-face dancehall pop song is irresistible, and a promise for great musical adventures in 2022!

The band asked a new generation of artists to remix the song.
First off, PPJ, one the most exciting new band from Paris mixing Brazilian vocals with acid house beats. From TC’s roots in Japan, Jamaica, England and Sweden, next stop is Rio at dawn and dusk. A balearic slow burner that will make you close your eyes and hope for those magical moments by the beach will come faster than expected.
The other one is from Paris' best kept secret: GЯEG. "La Creole" collective & Rinse France resident, GЯEG is DJing some of the most multicultural and exciting parties in Paris every week-end. Like his sets, his remix takes from Mauritian music, bass music and breakbeat all at once to create a Timbaland-esque club banger.



june 24th, 2022

Second single 'Looney Tune' available

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"Looney Tune" is a seasonal single. Summer is here, we need some filtered funk with a heavy bassline. French Touch is still alive in 2022, modern, with spacey vocals, and of course very romantic. nit is a prodigy with surprising skills and is officially part of the new French beat generation.

Every single nit release is accompanied by a couple of finely curated remixes :
- Blasé is a French beatmaker who used to write for hip hop artists and about to start his own solo project after being part of Haute. His Innervision version is a modern funk interpretation, both hypnotic and danceable. A home funk anthem.
- Rico The Wizard used to produce for legendary label Crydamoure back in the late 90s, alongside Guy-Man from Daft Punk. For nit, he accepted to re-plug the precise same setup as back in 1997 to obtain the special sound that made his success. Let's party like it's 1997!



june 10th, 2022

New remix package for 'Cameo'!

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"Cameo" is Kavinsky's new hit song featuring Kareen Lomax, taken from his ne album "Reborn", with a hook so funky that remixes were obvious to follow on from it.

David Guetta's remix is a typical dance banger, made for clubs and especially for summer festivals. It was personally tested on a dancefloor by Guetta himself before he sent it to Kavinsky. The test was positive! Guetta also delivered a radio edit, ready to be played on the radio or in your favorite playlist.

Dopplereffekt is one of the reasons why Kavinsky started recording music originally. When he heard their seminal "Gesamtkusntwerk" compilation in 1999, he fell in love with their sound. After all those years, the band is still in his pantheon and accepted joyously the remix task. Their remix is a tribute to Kraftwerk, quintessential electronic.

Breakbot & Irfane are long acquaintances of Kavinsky's, from the golden era of their mutual debuts. They naturally brought their inner funk to the tune, adding the extra shiny glow for old school dancefloors.

Gaspard Augé & Victor Le Masne are the producers of his new album "Reborn
". They have production ideas galore, so many that they kept some for this x-tra special remix. Typical family affair!


april 22th, 2022

New artist & debut single!

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nit is a dot, a cell, a pixel, on a trip.
nit swings to its own pulse.

"Drawn to Me" is a 00s breakbeat in an ornamented cloud. Dive into this cloud with the "César Wogue Dub". The "nit 'Timeless' Flip" is how you will remember it...

Stream/download 'Drawn to Me'


march 25th, 2022

His new album 'Reborn' is out!

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New album available here

Kavinsky is a zombie who came back from the dead after his Testarossa crashed in 1986.

His first song, "Testarossa Autodrive", was an instant success, and was followed by two singles. In 2007, he was chosen by Daft Punk to open their now legendary 'Alive' tour.

In 2011, his track "Nightcall", produced with Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, became the theme song for the film "Drive", and consequently a worldwide success.

Kavinsky's first album, "Outrun", was released in 2013, followed by a collaboration with The Weeknd on the song "Odd Look".

In 2022, Kavinsky is back with "Reborn", his second album recorded at the famous Motorbass studio in Paris. The first single, "Renegade", has an impactful sound and a powerful chorus, whilst the second single "Zenith” has a more muted and futuristic feel.

On "Reborn", Kavinsky amplifies these sounds without deviating from his relentless trajectory.


november 19th, 2021

New single available!

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Kavinsky is back with a new single, "Renegade", taken from his forthcoming album "Reborn"...

Listen & download "Renegade"

Cola Boyy

june 18th, 2021

Debut album out now!!!

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There’s liberation on the dance floor in the songs of Matthew Urango – glimpses of revolution that glimmer beneath the disco ball. “I want my music to bring people together,” says the Californian pop innovator, best known as Cola Boyy. “Because standing together is our best chance at fighting this shit show.” The shit show in question is a broken, brutal system the acclaimed multi-instrumentalist has witnessed up-close. Urango was born with spina bifida and scoliosis in Oxnard, California: a town in which almost 30,000 are estimated to live in poverty. Prosthetic Boombox, his eagerly awaited debut album, might at first glance seem a joyous confetti-burst of pop eclecticism, engineered to sound like “scanning between stations on a car radio, landing on all these different sounds and styles” as Urango puts it. Dig deeper, though, and you’ll discover a simmering sense of rebellion. “The working class are injured, struggling to pay rent and struggling to put food on the table,” he says. “I want to represent that.Prosthetic Boombox achieves that goal in a thrilling flurry of inventive indie, funk and soul: take Urango’s car radio analogy, place it in a time-travelling Delorean with Prince in the passenger seat, and you’re half-way there.

Look no closer than Prosthetic Boombox’s euphoric opener, the Avalanches-assisted ‘Don’t Forget Your Neighborhood.’ The track – which Urango says mixes “the Beach Boys, French disco, house keys and ragtime piano, kinda like the Cheers soundtrack!” – ends with lyrics urging listeners to “fight for your town with your fist closed, strike it and make it more than just a memory.” It’s a reminder that the working classes need to “turn our fists against our oppressors instead of each other,” he explains. After that emphatic introduction comes a horn-laced funk wig-out titled ‘Mailbox’ – a song that gives Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia a run for its Studio 54-themed money, featuring rising Londoner JGrrey. Elsewhere, ‘Song For The Mister’ ventures into smooth R&B territory, before ‘Roses’ – a collaboration with Myd of Ed Banger fame – offers a bouquet of bustling disco guitars and infinite bisous of Connan Mockasin’s band drops in on the immaculate ‘Go The Mile’. Urango saves his most introspective moment for the album’s starry closer. ‘Kid Born in Space’, a cosmic collaboration with MGMT frontman Andrew VanWyngarden, sees the artist reflect on what he once had to overcome as a disabled person of colour. “I see them looking down on my dreams of being,” he sings tenderly. “I hear them making fun of my voice, but I keep on moving forward, I refuse to live in anyone else’s shadow.” Prosthetic Boombox, on this subject, is more than an album title – it’s a statement of intent.

Prosthetic Boombox > Digital | Vinyl | CD

Cola Boyy

may 26th, 2021

New single + album pre-order!

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Southern California's Cola Boyy will be releasing his debut album, Prosthetic Boombox, on June 18, 2021 via Record Makers/MGMT Records. The album features guest turns from The Avalanches, Andrew VanWyngarden from MGMT, John Carroll Kirby, Nicolas Godin of Air, Patrick Wimberly from Chairlift, and Corentin “nit” Kerdraon.

A taste of the album, entitled “Don't Forget Your Neighborhood”, and featuring The Avalanches, can be heard now. A video for the track, directed by Belgian artist David Numwami, is also available today. Says Cola Boyy about the song, "This is one of my favorite jams on the record. I wanted a mix of the Beach Boys, French disco, house keys and a hint of the Cheers soundtrack for good measure! It's a message to everyone: don't get lost in the petty capitalist dream that has us abandon the people & places that shaped us. I wouldn't be who I am today without the masses of Oxnard, and no flashing lights can outweigh that."

Says Robbie Chater of The Avalanches about the track, “What a tune! One of the coolest and most inspiring tracks we have ever worked on with such a heartfelt message

Album pre-order (digital, vinyl, CD)

Cola Boyy

april 28th, 2021

New single feat. MGMT available!

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Disabled disco innovator, Cola Boyy, refuses to give up on his dreams with this psychedelic folk cut. A collaboration with Andrew VanWyngarden (MGMT) - this timeless ballad seeks to resolve the struggle and feelings of alienation he faced as a child with a disability, "Kid Born in Space" is a heartfelt and poetic statement from a musician who wants us to relate to his journey.

Fresh from working with The Avalanches and The Clash's Mick Jones on "We Go On", "Kid Born in Space" is the first slice of Cola Boyy's debut album on Record Makers/MGMT Records.

Cola Boyy says:

"This track is the culmination of a true friendship. In 2018, MGMT invited me on their tour, during which we became very close. I spent time with Andrew in his studio at home in New York. When I played him "Kid Born in Space", he liked it straight away and everything happened naturally from there: James Richardson played guitars and keyboards, Patrick Wimberly (Chairlift) engineered and refined the production, and then Andrew and I finished it up in LA. I am really grateful to them.

"When I was a kid I was convinced that no one could understand what I was going through and feeling, I was embittered and angry. The song is me explaining to my younger self to let go of worries about people staring or not understanding. Everyone has their struggles, and problems that shape them.


Sébastien Tellier

february 22th, 2021

Sébastien celebrates his birthday with a track!

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This year, Sébastien chose to self-celebrate his birthday with his fans.
In "Birthday Boy", he reflects on the growing disappointment and blandness of birthday parties as we get older.
Recorded live with his musicians and reminiscing his love for The Cure, Smashing Pumpkins and Depeche Mode, it’s a new sound for Sebastien Tellier — under the influence of the current gloomy atmosphere : he went cold, intense but still full of hope.
"Birthday Boy" is mixed by XL Recordings' Swedish leftfield pop innovator Baba Stiltz.

Stream the track here

Cola Boyy

february 5th, 2021

New single available on Bandcamp

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It's not the first time a song from another era finds greater resonance today, especially amid such troubled times.
Jeb Loy Nichols' 2010 "To Be Rich Should Be a Crime" makes no exception as it was excavated by Cola Boyy early 2020, who found in that reggae tune and its anti-capitalist message the essence of his steadfast work as a militant fighting white supremacy and growing social inequalities in the USA.
With the help of producer John Carroll Kirby (Solange, Connan Mockasin, Sebastien Tellier, Frank Ocean...), and adding real strings thanks to his longtime partner and producer nit, Cola Boyy put a new spin and new words into it, so that "To Be Rich Should Be a Crime" becomes the true classic protest song it always deserved to be.

Cola Boyy adds: "Jeb's words are so honest and real, I think he really speaks in the language of the people, which is something to admire. We're truly living in a historical time. So many people are mobilizing, rattling the streets, fighting for Black Lives. I'm confident in the ability of the people to change this world with their fists and their minds. The big bosses are trembling. It's the perfect moment for songs like these.

I will be donating 50% of my Bandcamp proceeds to the @Ox_Arrest_FundsVenmo. Community members and activists who are organizing in Oxnard are facing legal fees after protesting against local slumlords and the police. They're brave as fuck and deserve all the support they can get.
The other 50% of the proceeds will go towards the Help Austin #GeorgeFloyd Protesters Facing State RepressionGoFundMe. Protesters in Austin Texas are facing continuous repression. Leaders are being targeted and protesters are being brutalized by the police regularly. Following the murder of Garrett Foster by a fascist named Daniel Perry back in July, the police and their racist supporters have continued attempts at violently repressing the people fighting for Black Lives. These fighters need our support.

If you want to support:

Cola Boyy's Bandcamp

Sébastien Tellier

november 13th, 2020

New album available!

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Six studio albums, four original motion picture scores, and a plethora of side projects... Sebastien Tellier writes with every breath, composes melodies to the whim of his obsessions like his musical peers Robert Wyatt, Todd Rundgren or Ariel Pink. Since "Sessions" (2006), the first time he covered his own repertoire, Sebastien experienced an international success with "Sexuality", and released the great epics of "My God Is Blue" and "L'Aventura", and the bustle of his new role as a father with "Domesticated".
His new album "Simple Mind" is a lush though very minimalistic resume of some of his most beautiful compositions ; a classic live-recorded album where old and more recent songs will find a confined listener caught in a wave of domestic bliss.

"Simple Mind is a total rebirth for my music. For this minimalistic live recording, I’m cleansing my own songs so you can (re)discover them in the most pure and intimate way. I want to take you to the closest of my chords, my melodies and my voice in order to share the essence of my art with you. As simple as that. Bisou." - Sébastien Tellier

Streaming/Vinyl pre-order

Sébastien Tellier

september 23th, 2020

Four remixes from 'Domesticated' available!

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Four remixes taken from "Domesticated", Sébastien Tellier's new record, are available!

What better way to celebrate a song born in the heart of French contemporary artist Xavier Veilhan’s "Studio Venezia" in Venice than asking two of the most brilliant Italian producers to remix it?!
Marco Passarani and Valerio Del Prete are the legendary Tiger & Woods, delivering critically acclaimed summer-ready edits & funky remixes straight from Rome. Their take on this all-stars 'Philippe Zdar-Varnish La Piscine-Sebastien Tellier-nit’ production is an instant italo-disco classic.
This remix is rigorously calibrated for any after-dinner dance, pool party, private fiesta…or 2020 forbidden rave party.
Wear your best Venetian mask!

Lauer is one of Germany's best kept secrets, mixing 80's new-wave music with highly efficient balearic melodies. He built his high profiled reputation between his residency at the legendary Robert Johnson club and his critically acclaimed records on Permanent Vacation or Beats In Space. The hyper hypnotic "Domestic Tasks" becomes a funky electro heater in Lauer's hands, right in between Depeche Mode's cold groove and an exhilarating 90's piano-house anthem. A real climax song!

Young Marco is one the most iconic DJs of our time, a true DJ Harvey heir, blending genres and eras to compose his unique sets and personal productions for legendary labels like Rush Hour, ESP Institute, Dekmantel, Music From Memory. His balearic and unique exotic touch has long since convinced dancers from around the globe and important artists to whom he offered his remix services including Robyn or Francis Bebey.
A "long hypnotic desert chugger" is how Marco described his version of the already very balearic "Stuck in a Summer Love" by Sébastien Tellier. Like any good balearic track, this one is for sunsets or dusks, lied down or still dancing until the sun comes up again.
Slide Guitar by Jonny Nash. Additional percussion by Jan Schulte.

A legendary figure in the electronic scene reworks Sebastien Tellier's "Domestic Tasks" here. German producer and now Paris-based Tolouse Low Trax is the most respected mind behind German avant-gardist club "Salon des Amateurs". In the same vein of his new record out on Bureau B, Tolouse takes on a new trip-hop-esque sound, recalling 90's beatmakers La Funk Mob and French late 90's underground sound.
In his own words, the track is his way of "thanking Sebastien & Record Makers for making me feel welcome in the most beautiful city of this crazy world".
The track is mixed by Joakim.

Remixes available on our website or on Bandcamp

Sébastien Tellier

may 29th, 2020

New album available!

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"Domesticated" is Sébastien Tellier's sixth studio album, his groundbreaking come back since "L'Aventura" in 2014. In his mind, he had only one ambition: gathering a fresh new guard of producers with the aim of crafting a new lush, futuristic pop sound, although still infused by his eternal and oh so special melodies. Mixed by the sound wizard Nk.F (celebrated for French rap duo PNL’s stunning sound), "Domesticated" will surprise you by its breadth and silkiness. Its topic, domestication, will speak to anybody delightfully familiar with the everyday domestic ballet of a household.

Mostly written at home, Sébastien allowed himself to be inspired by what he had in front of him: piles of plates stacked in the sink, dirty socks spread out on the scratched floor, two beautiful children he has yet to domesticate… or is it him now who is being domesticated?

Buy/Stream 'Domesticated'

Sébastien Tellier

may 19th, 2020

New track and new video out!

<br />
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Second extract of his forthcoming album "Domesticated" due May 29, 2020, "Stuck in a Summer Love" is a heady ritournelle about Sébastien's old obsession of his first summer love. He dives again into his state of prisoner of love, captive of his own feelings on a highly addictive melody as powerful as his classics "L'amour et la violence", "La Ritournelle" or "Roche".
Produced by the magician nit and mixed by the wizard Nk.F, "Stuck in a Summer Love" is a homage to the dance productions from 2002.

The song is accompanied by a hypnotic music video by Sébastien long-time collaborators Mrzyk & Moriceau.

New album "Domesticated" out 29/05 and available to pre-order here

Sébastien Tellier

april 8th, 2020

New track 'Domestic Tasks' out!

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When Sébastien first sat down to record his new album "Domesticated", he chose to start with the song that would eventually become the heart of his album. "Domestic Tasks", as its name suggests, is about a subject of concern for the vast majority of the world population: the household chores. This song conveys the pain and distress this universal everyday tasks may generate, and especially in this context of confinement. Sébastien pictures here some aliens (named "X"s) planning on taking over the Earth, but being disappointed by the discovery of a very subjected and domesticated humanity… quite a desillusion!
"Domestic Tasks" was produced by Mind Gamers aka John Carroll Kirby (Solange, Connan Mockasin…) and Daniel Stricker (Midnight Juggernauts), helped by Sébastien's studio sidekick Corentin "nit" Kerdraon.

New album "Domesticated" out 29/05 and available to pre-order here

Sébastien Tellier

march 31th, 2020

New album 'Domesticated' available to pre-order!

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"Domesticated" is Sébastien Tellier’s 6th studio album, his groundbreaking come back since "L'Aventura" in 2014. In his mind, he had only one ambition: gathering a fresh new guard of producers with the aim of crafting a new lush, futuristic pop sound, although still infused by his eternal and oh so special melodies. Mixed by the sound wizard Nk.F (celebrated for French rap duo PNL’s stunning sound), "Domesticated" will surprise you by its breadth and silkiness. Its topic, domestication, will speak to anybody delightfully familiar with the everyday domestic ballet of a household.
Mostly written at home, Sébastien allowed himself to be inspired by what he had in front of him: piles of plates stacked in the sink, dirty socks spread out on the scratched floor, two beautiful children he has yet to domesticate…or is it him now who is being domesticated?


Pre-order link (vinyl, CD, digital)

Sébastien Tellier

january 29th, 2020

New single available!

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"A Ballet" is the first track released by Sébastien Tellier since his album "L'Aventura" in 2014. With this modern ballad, his ambition is to reveal the beauty of domestic life like a ballet (which in French sounds the same as a "balai" = a groom). The track was produced by Jam City, "one of the most important British musicians" according to Tellier, and by the Frenchman nit.

Stream & download

Cola Boyy

november 13th, 2019

New single 'All Power to the People' available

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Cola Boyy is back! A year after the release of his debut EP "Black Boogie Neon", working on his first album and playing his first big stages including Coachella Music & Arts Festival, he felt he needed to take a moment and release a single that him and the masses could blast in the streets of Oxnard and beyond.

"All Power To The People" is a straight-forward G-Funk track, but there is more than meets the ears : "All Power To The People" is not just a song, but a time capsule of what he has learned and what is to be done in response to the current state of the world.

"All Power To The People" is : a song, a video and a political leaflet written by Cola Boyy himself.

Watch, read and listen to what he has to tell you...



october 25th, 2019

New album 'Plexus' available!

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Since their signature on Record Makers in 2005, the three boys from Hypnolove (one French, one Portuguese and one German, as a symbol of the EU that never stops dancing) have never followed any rules and made everything possible to make their fans dance, with no disregard for 80's pop music, considered at the time far too cheesy. Eurodance, italo, sweet & space disco, boogie-funk: all these styles and subgenres that have somehow become respectable and craved by diggers today are part of Hypnolove's sound. At the time, playing this music was triggering nothing else than good jokes and laughs. "When we first started the band, explains Thierry, we were listening to a lot of house music because we were in the middle of the French Touch era and France was all about filtered disco. Because we didn't want to use samples, and because Nicolas is a fantastic bass player, we thought we'd do our own version of disco with a modern pop structure and vocals. At first, people weren't taking us very seriously, including those who were shamelessly stealing old disco loops to make house music. This "cheesy music" image sticked to us, and doing 80's pop music like we were doing wasn't helping really… With time and this new hype around 80's productions, it’s as if we were actually precursors!" After "Eurolove" thirteen years ago, a first LP considered by the band as a thrilling compilation of singles mixing new-wave and italo (not forgetting a poignant cover of Kiss' "I Was Born For Loving You"), Hypnolove was back on stage (and in clubs) helped by genius producer Mickey Moonlight. "Ghost Carnival", their second album was then focused on zouk, exotica music and Italian disco.

While we were left for a while with no news from the band again, Hypnolove came up with "La piscine" in 2016, a sexy French disco-infused banger sung by L'Impératrice coming back as a reminder: Hypnolove knows how to write good frenzy pop songs. "We are used to release one album every six years, jokes Nicolas, but it's not our will! With time, we all moved to a different area of Europe, Henning moved to Berlin and we all have occupations besides our dream job that is being musicians. When we feel like it, we go somewhere and record a lot of songs, listen to them all a few months after and see if they still sound exciting to our ears. There is a huge pile of songs in Hypnolove's vault."
For their third album entirely recorded in a proper studio for the first time, Hypnolove was forced to more coherence in their sound. They decided to follow a clear line: make a 100% French record inspired by the French dance music made in France during the 70's and 80's, when a handful of studio heads were driven by the ambition of conquering the world by reappropriating the emerging new genre that was funk at the time. Slap bass lines, silly erotic hip-hop-ish lyrics, edgy guitar grooves… This new version of funk invented by some French ambitious musicians found its identity under the name of French boogie. "We had Chagrin d'Amour, Pierre Bachelet's early soundtracks, Michel Berger's piano staccato sound but also Inner Life or Chic in mind, explains Henning, the only constraint was to make a 100% French record." "Plexus", "Marbella", "Horizon", "La piscine", "Le triomphe du soleil" or "Sauna"… all these names perfectly sum up the way this new record (sun)shines. At first glance, Hypnolove offers us a fantasy trip on the traces of mass tourism, swimming pools, cocktails, boys and girls in heat… but behind this postcard-perfect landscape, hide some rather bittersweet love stories, sex parties turning into drama, holidays running amok… Hypnolove immerse irony in their diabolically stirring disco songs and also manage to add a few whispered sensual vocals on top of it here and there. "Vintage but never nostalgic!" was the motto. The record also recalls their all-time favorite soundtracks composed by Serge Gainsbourg, Pierre Bachelet, Francis Lai or Vladimir Cosma. "Plexus" is a joyful record, full of irony and sublimated by wet voices dipped into a cocktail of Isabelle Adjani's "Pull Marine" and Corryne Charby's music. A record in which the band dives feet first in the groovy bass lines, the Macumba disco, the "Paris Latino-like" boogie, the disco balls and the luminous dancefloors, the 80's and 2020's… Important precaution: apply sunscreen before listening! It's as if Hypnolove's third record was perfectly illustrating the name of the band, originally found in a 70's erotic magazine's ad for a perfume supposedly "irresistibly attracting girls".

Album available on all streaming platforms here
Available on vinyl, CD and digital in our online shop here


august 28th, 2019

Another single from their new album!

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"Climax" is the second single from "Plexus", Hypnolove's third album, out soon via Record Makers!
New album "Plexus" available to pre-order here!

"Climax", or how to perfectly settle the vibe of the record: funky guitars making eyes at us, tempo is slow because it's only the beginning of the day, sun is about to come out and yet, we feel already tired by the scorching heat that's ahead of us...



june 28th, 2019

New single for this Summer!

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For this Summer of 2019, the new track by Hypnolove takes us to... Marbella. Thanks to their gift to compose unexpected figurative songs, we are propelled into the Spanish beach resort with a backdrop of French boogie. Sea, sex and sun...

"Marbella" is the first single from Hypnolove's new album "Plexus" to be released in September!
New album "Plexus" available to pre-order here!

Also available, the club version by the "Scottish Timbaland" Redinho! get ready: hit alert!


Cola Boyy

december 11th, 2018

New video for 'Beige 70'

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Watch the new video for Cola Boyy's "Beige 70", taken from his debut EP "Black Boogie Neon", available in vinyl and digital here!

Premiere on The FADER

Cola Boyy

september 13th, 2018

Smoke 'em got 'em, a short documentary about

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Cola Boyy rides for the people. This Oxnard California songwriter and activist talks origins and message in this short documentary:

His debut EP "Black Boogie Neon" is available in vinyl and digital here!
Read the story about the doc on 'It's Nice That'

Cola Boyy

august 15th, 2018

First three singles available!

<br />
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Matthew Urango, aka Cola Boyy, is a 28 year old artist coming from Oxnard, California, discovered on the occasion of a concert in Los Angeles during June 2016.
Cola Boyy is an unusual and self-taught musician & singer. His very typical but natural voice is the consequence of a disability from birth.
His deviant disco songs talk about love and the happiness it breeds, while letting the rage of a rather different-looking militant crooner go.

"Have You Seen Her" is the EP’s kraut-disco oddity, halfway between the Ghetto Brothers’ rage and the funkiness of a Kurtis Blow instrumental... You’ll also hear a ripping guitar chorus and a Michel Berger-esque piano solo, all swaying to the beat.

"Penny Girl" is the a soon-to-be disco powerhouse hit that relates the story of a crime of passion: as poetic as a McCartney song, as effective on the dancefloor as a Patrice Rushen groove, and as fun as Frankie Smith’s "Double Dutch Bus".

"Buggy Tip" is the track that could have fallen into the hands of an eclectic DJ like Nicky Siano at Studio 54. Disco strings, catchy choruses to sing along to... Cola Boyy turns the melancholic memories of a past girlfriend into a banging beat to dance and shout to in a hot late-night club.

You can pre-order his debut EP "Black Boogie Neon" in vinyl and digital here !
Out September 21 !

Dita Von Teese

may 25th, 2018

New video with Sebastien Tellier!

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Like a dream sequence in a feature film, this video directed by David Wilson (who shot some for Arctic Monkeys, Arcade Fire or Tame Impala before) shows Dita Von Teese in her classic 50s Hollywood beauty role ambiguously playing with Sebastien Tellier. It is voluntarily simple and exquisite, with a touch of Tellier’s signature comedy situations.

We now can watch this Gainsbourg/Birkin inspired duet play their game!

Debut album still available here

Tristesse Contemporaine

april 5th, 2018

New track and live dates!

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Lighting a match and watching the castle burning. With this incendiary single, Tristesse Contemporaine start from scratch and launch the countdown. By getting back to their brutal side, the trio turns into this kind of species it is better not to run into during a full moon night at the corner of a street or a wheat field. "Out of My Dreams", or the scorched-earth policy...

Tristesse Contemporaine will play:
- 06/04: Atelier 210, Brussels
- 20/04: La Lune des Pirates, Amiens
- 21/04: Clap Your Hands Festival / Café de la Danse, Paris
- 02/06: AHOY / I.BOAT, Bordeaux
- 07/07: Days Off / Philharmonie (opening for Étienne Daho), Paris

Dita Von Teese

february 14th, 2018

New track for Valentine's Day

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Dita Von Teese and Sebastien Tellier celebrate Valentine’s Day in music with the release of their duet "Porcelaine".

Valentine’s Day is a day for lovers, romantic talks, and emotional perspectives!
Here comes "Porcelaine" the perfect sound bed for a day like that; a duet between the queen of burlesque and the most romantic French musician since Serge Gainsbourg. Their voices blend perfectly on this slow jam. It is Dita’s favorite song from her forthcoming album, just because she sings it with Sebastien. How romantic.

Dita Von Teese says: « Recording a duet with Sébastien Tellier was like a dream come true. From the very start of the project, I asked that we do one song together. I love his voice, I instantly think of Serge Gainsbourg, he is as good as him. “Porcelaine“ is my favorite song on the album, and recording it was probably the most natural for me ». And for Sebastien Tellier, who wrote it, « the song is about Dita’s white skin, too perfect to be real ».

Dita and Sebastien have teamed up to create her first ever album, the self-titled "Dita Von Teese", due February 16th on Record Makers.

Album available for pre-order here

Dita Von Teese

january 29th, 2018

Interview in French TV show 'Quotidien', & radio show 'Boomerang'

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- The interview (in French) of Dita Von Teese and Sébastien Tellier in French TV show "Quotidien"

- The interview (in French) of Dita Von Teese and Sébastien Tellier in French radio show "Boomerang" on France Inter

Dita Von Teese's debut album, written and composed by Sébastien Tellier, is available for pre-order here or on Bandcamp

Dita Von Teese

january 16th, 2018

New track revealed + album pre-order!

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After “Rendez-vous”, Dita Von Teese releases “Bird of Prey”, another song from her forthcoming album, due February 16 on Record Makers.

According to Sébastien Tellier, who wrote the entire album for Dita Von Teese, “‘Bird of Prey’ evokes Dita flying above the world, hunting the tiny men on its surface with her eagle eye.

And Dita Von Teese adds: “‘Bird of Prey’ is one of the songs from my album with Sébastien Tellier. On New Year’s Eve, fans heard a remixed version during my performance. Stay tuned for more!

The band Mind Gamers, who produced the song, remember: “The live instruments in ‘Bird of Prey’ were recorded in a horse stable next to a river just outside of Sydney while it was raining, a truly magical moment.

Dita Von Teese” is available for pre-order here and will arrive February 16!

Dita Von Teese

november 28th, 2017

'Rendez-vous', Dita Von Teese's first single!

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Why would Dita Von Teese ever sing? Because she was asked to by Sebastien Tellier.

Dita Von Teese: “I’m not a professional singer. In fact, I’m quite uneasy about recording my voice. But I do enjoy the thrill of doing things that are outside of my comfort zone. When I performed for the first time at the Crazy Horse in Paris, I invited Sebastien because I was such a fan, not daring to imagine that someday he would compose an entire album for me.

Sebastien Tellier: “When I saw Dita dance to a piece of music I had written for her, I had a feeling that her physical presence and her personality were a perfect fit with my music and I started to compose only for her. When you think that you've finally pierced Dita’s mystery, she turns out to be more than ever, a creature of dreams, totally out of reach.

Dita Von Teese shares “Rendez-vous“, the first track taken from her forthcoming self-titled debut album, due February 2018.

Rendez-vous“ says Dean de La Richardière, Tellier’s wife who wrote its lyrics, is about a woman taking control of her freedom, and of her hunger for pleasure. Imagine this woman gathered with two or three people in a hotel room in California, under the pink light of dawn, for some passionate stolen moments.

Dita Von Teese, performing striptease since 1992, is the biggest name in burlesque in the world since Gypsy Rose Lee, and is credited with bringing the art form back into the spotlight with a new sense of elegance and sophistication.

John Carroll Kirby

october 27th, 2017

Release of 'Travel', Kirby's 1st album

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Imagine the worlds beyond your horizon. Detach and reflect, escape and return, let go and let in - Travel.

Producer, composer and keyboardist John Carroll Kirby spins his tales of Travel on his debut full-length.

Conceived in Tokyo and written primarily in Lamanai, Belize, Kirby’s compositions are a multiverse of synths and rhythms, moods and wonderment.

Hear it in the undulating, calming waves of saxophone on "Essaouira", the gentle splash heard on the shores of the coastal Moroccan city. Feel the excitement, the energy, the heat in "Poroy Station", riding the train to Machu Picchu. Let yourself unravel with "Socotra", stumbling upon the alien Dragon Blood Trees the iconic Yemen island. Let the warmth of colors & breath bathe you on "Kailashananda”.

Kirby channels the eccentric funk of Harry Honsono & Yellow Magic Band with small touches of Jon Hassell’s "Fourth World". He describes his music as the 3rd Generation Exotica, whimsical and vibrant like the genres pioneer Martin Deny.

Although Travel represents Kirby’s debut as a solo artist, the Los Angeles musician has had his fingerprints on memorable records along the way. Kirby co-produced "Junie" with Raphael Saadiq and Solange, and a few other songs on Solange’s "A Seat at the Table". You can also hear him playing keys // synths throughout the record, including album standout "Cranes in the Sky". Kirby’s credited on Shabazz Palaces’ latest "Quazarz vs. The Jealous Machines", performed in Blood Orange and Connan Mockasin, and collaborates regularly with Sébastien Tellier, who had this to say of Travel: "This music has the shape of a savage animal and the taste of love"

"Leaving as one and returning as another - Travel."

october 23th, 2017

Our fanzine is available!

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We publish PRODUCE, a fanzine about producers, in collaboration with Atelier Xavier Veilhan!

Order your copy

Price: 15€
Hardcover: 88 pages
Dimensions: 15 x 21 cm
Language: English
Publication date: October 2017

PRODUCE traces The Producers project initiated by Xavier Veilhan. The French artist wanted to make sculptures based on the 3D bodyprint of various musical producers to highlight these "artisans of the shadow" often at the origin of musical revolutions. Eighteen producers, including Quincy Jones, Daft Punk, or Brian Eno, have agreed to contribute to the project between Los Angeles, New York, London, and Paris.
Besides a travel account, the book presents an essay on four of these musical geniuses: Timbaland, Pharrell Williams & Chad Hugo (The Neptunes), and Swizz Beatz.


(December 2014) The four of us sat in the car in front of Quincy Jones's Bel Air home waiting for the approaching time of our appointment with the man. We were scheduled to meet him, make his 3D capture and turn it into a solid oak sculpture. His portrait, along with those of other illustrious producers, was going to be presented in New York and Paris. This book emanates from the full experience.

Xavier - It all started in 2014 with THE PRODUCERS: my desire to take these great men that work in the shadows of the recording studio to often design an entire musical era, and in a sense magnify them through a series of sculpted portraits.
Marc - Truth be told, you wanted to meet these heroes in person. And so did I!
Xavier - True… The search for them became an adventure that started off in Los Angeles and went on to New York, London and Paris. In total, 18 music producers agreed to participate. That’s 18 chapters of contemporary musical history right there.
Marc - Yet most of them remain unknown, and they probably enjoy that anonymity. By sculpting them, you reveal their importance to the public.
Xavier - We wanted to give a palpable continuity to this first part of a still ongoing series and imagined this fanzine, a somewhat scientific approach to a theme that is rarely explored in such a way: pop culture. We were happy to find our scholar in Etienne Menu, who wrote a fascinating essay on an era owned by Swizz Beatz, Timbaland and The Neptunes, which demonstrates the magnitude of what these artists have generated.
Marc - PRODUCE has become not an art book but rather an unpretentious object centered on its content, a book to carry around and read anywhere.
Xavier - And why not imagine issues to come of the fanzine! We would love to read a complete piece on Brian Eno or Rick Rubin, to learn about the history of Paul’s Boutique by the Dust Brothers or dig into Lee « Scratch » Perry’s early works.

Xavier Veilhan & Marc Teissier du Cros



Managing editor: Jeanne Holsteyn
Graphic design: Mothi Limbu | Happymess Studio
Texts: Etienne Menu, Marc Teissier du Cros, Xavier Veilhan
Drawings: Laurent Fetis, Mothi Limbu, Mrzyk & Moriceau, Sanghon Kim, Stephane Manel, So Me
3D imagery: Créaform
Design 3D imagery: Adrien Cruellas
Photos making-of 3D capture: © Elizabeth Daniels, © Diane Arques / ADAGP, Paris, 2017
Photos works: © Guillaume Ziccarelli
Works: courtesy Galerie Perrotin
Printing: Koryo

Sébastien Tellier

october 13th, 2017

Release of a new soundtrack

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Sebastien Tellier scores Mathieu Tonetti’s series “A Girl Is a Gun

Sebastien Tellier and Mathieu Tonetti have a long story together. They befriended in their teenage years, spent loads of time together watching films like “Starship Troopers”, listening to music and creating. One was a musician, the other was a film maker. Tonetti shot Tellier’s first video for “Universe” from Tellier’s first album “L’incroyable vérité” (2001).
A Girl Is a Gun” is Tonetti’s first long feature, actually a series of 10 minutes episodes to air on blackpills Oct. 16th. It was very natural for him to ask Tellier to score the series, as he knew he would understand what was needed for his erotic-feminist series starring the one and only Denise Richards, of… “Starship Troopers” fame!

In his unique style, Tellier created a 80s-inspired score made of synth and guitars. He sang on “Lovely Blonde”, and used some sounds from the series in his creation. The recordings were made with the precious help of an expert of the genre, Tahiti Boy a.k.a David Sztanke.
The “A Girl Is a Gun” album is more than a score, it reminds the listener of some classic film-inspired albums such as Air’s “The Virgin Suicides” or Tangerine Dreams’ “Thief”.

Album available in digital and cassette HERE

The series follows three women (Santa Fe, Nenuphar, Vegas) living in Los Angeles who go missing, creating a wave of panic in the city. While the police suspects a serial killer is behind the disappearance, the three women have actually joined a secret guerrilla camp, "where they train to avenge the injustice of a misogynistic system that humiliates and exploits women."

Available on blackpills – 10 episodes of 10 minutes
Directed by Mathieu Tonetti
Casting: Denise Richards, Nikki Leigh, Charlotte McKinney, Courtney Sinclair

Mind Gamers

june 12th, 2017

On Technikart's cover!

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Mind Gamers are on the cover of French magazine Technikart!

Mind Gamers

april 22th, 2017

Sebastien Tellier's new project!

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The appropriately-named Mind Gamers need not bother with the laws of time and space, or even gravity.

It was in Sydney that the supergroup’s three minds collided. Parisian-by-way-of-Venus Sébastien Tellier was touring the Milky Way when he stopped by to preach to his Alliance Bleue faithful. Among them was Daniel Stricker, who moonlights behind the Midnight Juggernauts’ drumkit, where he has been known to conjure up the ghosts of E.L.O. and Sparks’ greatest incantations. Cosmic hitchhiker John Kirby – whose travel companions have included Blood Orange, Cypress Hill, Solange or Money Mark – on a pit-stop between Los Angeles and Ásgard, mesmerized them with his consciousness-warping keyboard licks.

They merged their powers again during the last Earth Winter at Red Bull Studios Paris, emerging from the week-long communion with “Power of Power”. As much an exhortation for the listener to explore their inner landscapes as a commandment to let loose, the offering is divided into two scriptures: “Come to America” is a teleportation device straight to the open roads of California, palm trees swaying in the ocean breeze, while “Golden Boy” is a kaleidoscopic invitation to a dance ritual, featuring Karl Lagerfeld. While magnanimous, “Power of Power” is but a launching pad for the Mind Gamers’ interstellar voyage. Stay tuned for more adventures...

"Power of Power", available in vinyl and digital HERE

B-side artwork

Tristesse Contemporaine

january 30th, 2017

Playlists & mix

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Here's some playlists and a mix to enter into Tristesse Contemporaine's world...

Their new album is available!
▶️ Discover "Stop and Start"

Spotify playlist

Deezer playlist

"Funeral" playlist for Jack

Mix for Brain Magazine

Tristesse Contemporaine

december 6th, 2016

New album announced

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Tristesse Contemporaine's new album "Stop and Start" will be out January 20th in vinyl, CD, digital!

▶️ Discover "Stop and Start"

Tristesse Contemporaine. Act III, Scene 1. After the first album (self-titled "Tristesse Contemporaine") a form of a declaration of independence and the second ("Stay Golden") rising above the rest, their third, "Stop and Start" will come to close the existing trilogy, and begin a new cycle.
The trio at the head of this veritable voyage through time and space, is a motley crew that found each other in Paris: Narumi from Japan, Maik from England via Jamaican roots, and Leo from Sweden. The essence of what they play as Tristesse Contemporaine is two chords, minimal instrumentation, all mixed with maximum reverb. This is a particular idea of "less is more" which is more applicable to pop music. Abandoning "the middle of the road" the band focused on ten tracks where they put their cards on the table and the petal to the metal...

Photo by Camille Vivier
Artwork by Laurent Fetis et Sarah Martinon

First single "Let's Go" is already available in digital here.

They will be live at La Boule Noire in Paris on February 17th. Get your tix HERE

Tristesse Contemporaine

october 26th, 2016

New single!

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Tristesse Contemporaine. Act III, Scene 1. After the first album (self-titled "Tristesse Contemporaine") a form of a declaration of independence and the second ("Stay Golden") rising above the rest, their third, "Stop and Start" will come to close the existing trilogy, and begin a new cycle.

The trio at the head of this veritable voyage through time and space, is a motley crew that found each other in Paris: Narumi from Japan, Maik from England via Jamaican roots, and Leo from Sweden. The essence of what they play as Tristesse Contemporaine is two chords, minimal instrumentation, all mixed with maximum reverb. This is a particular idea of "less is more" which is more applicable to pop music. Abandoning "the middle of the road" the band focused on ten tracks where they put their cards on the table and the petal to the metal.

First listen: "Let's Go" - you are making-out with a stranger for less than 3 minutes, and then you find yourself bundled into the trunk of a Mercedes. Where are the police?!

Track available here

Scratch Massive

october 7th, 2016

New track from the OST: 'The Frolic Spleen'

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After "Turn Away", here's the second extract from the soundtrack composed by Scratch Massive for Zoe Cassavetes' new movie "Day Out of Days"!

"The Frolic Spleen":

Available in CD, vinyl, and digital here

The video for "Turn Away", starring Roxane Mesquida:

september 12th, 2016

ARTE webseries 'Touche Française' with Sebastien Tellier & Kavinsky

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"Anecdotes, digressions, unreleased archives: the main actors of the French Touch come back to the secrets of this music, their influences, and decrypt the phenomenon."
Twelve webisodes by ARTE Creative. In French...

Touche Française, episode 10: "Pop dissidence" about Sébastien Tellier

Touche Française, episode 11: "Drive in" about Kavinsky

Watch all the episodes HERE

Scratch Massive

september 6th, 2016

New release: the soundtrack of Zoe Cassavetes' movie 'Day Out of Days'

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Record Makers and bORDEL will release the soundtrack of Zoe Cassavetes new movie "Day Out of Days", composed by Scratch Massive!

Available in CD, vinyl, and digital here

First extract: "Turn Away"

"Day Out of Days", directed by Zoe Cassavetes, starring Alexia Landeau, Melanie Griffith, Eddie Izzard, Vincent Kartheiser, Alessandro Nivola

july 27th, 2016

'Record Makers Pool Party' playlist

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Here's our new playlist for your holidays!

Follow it, and our profile to be notified, we will add new tracks regularly!




july 13th, 2016

Video for 'La piscine'

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Here's the video for Hypnolove's summer hit "La piscine"!

"La piscine" EP available in digital with remixes from L'Impératrice, Voilaaa, Lewis OfMan, and Lucien. And also in flexi disc (2 tracks)! Check it out here!


june 17th, 2016

Mixtape by Hypnolove!

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Hypnolove offers you the perfect tape for your holidays and your summer!

Download it HERE

John Tender - Underwater Fantasy 1
Stelvio Cipriani - She’ll Never Come Back
Sylvia Striplin - You Can’t Turn Me Away
Maurice Lecoeur - Jacques Borel
Hiroshi Sato - Say Goodbye
Tullio De Piscopo - Stop Bajon (Primavera)
Philipi & Rodrigo - Gueto de Gent
Key of Dreams - Africa (Dub mix)
Hypnolove - La Piscine (Voilaaa remix)
Todd Terje & The Olsens - Baby Do You Wanna Bump
Tom Tom Club - Rappinhood (Givenchhy Mix)
Bo Boss - Tequila (Bottin Edit)
Turbotito, Philipi & Rodrigo - Cançao para Laia (JKriv Rework)
Hypnolove - Holiday Reverie
Tullio De Piscopo - Divario
The Monzas - Forever Walks a Drifter

Their new EP "La piscine" is available: Hypnolove - La piscine EP


may 20th, 2016

New EP out May 20th!

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Hypnolove is an European trio composed of a Portuguese, a German, and a French. The cross-cultural crew met during the last century in Toulouse, a city in the southwest of France, emblematic for it's savvy of French hits. Their tracks that you never knew you already know: "Mademoiselle" (2005), "Holiday Reverie" (2011), "Beyond Paradise", "Winter in the Sun" (2013).

"Swimming in dreams full of italo-electro-disco" - Elle
"Their songs dance like the reflections of the sparkles from a disco ball" - Le Monde 

Their new single "La piscine" ("The Swimming Pool") tells the true story of a breakup, under the sun, by a pool. An idyllic scene for this sentimental drama.
The guest vocalist for the single is Flore from the French band L'Impératrice (who are gaining some interest of their own of late!) who delivers a performance which can remind us the beginning of Lio's career.

Remixes include:
L'Impératrice, pulling in the rest of the band to do an inevitably disco-coloured remix.
Lewis OfMan delivers a fresh perspective, perfect for the hedonistic summer dancers of 2016. 
Lucien brings a soundscape touch, and Voilaaa an unexpected afro-influenced reinterpretation.

"La piscine" will accompany some swan dives or cannonballs this summer, but let's hope it doesn't inspire a series of summer breakups instead of summer lovin'....

EP available here!

Sébastien Tellier

april 8th, 2016

New score for 'Marie et les naufragés'

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Sebastien Tellier's music has always fused perfectly with images. Some directors have come to Sebastien for original scores such as Gilles Lellouche & Tristan Aurouet's "Narco" (2004), as well as being a part of the soundtrack to memorable moments: for Sofia Coppola's "Lost in Translation" (2003) in which Scarlett Johansson hangs around her room in Tokyo, and Daft Punk’s selection for the cult scene of "Electroma" (2006) in which the robots take off their masks in the bathrooms of a bar!

Another Sebastien…  Betbeder, asked Sebastien Tellier to compose the music of his new film, "Marie et les naufragés" (translated: "Marie and The Castaways"). For this score, Tellier chose a retro-futuristic electronic path in the tradition of Giorgio Moroder's music in keeping with the with free and off-the-beaten path tone of this film starring Eric Cantona. With the help of friends and fellow musicians John Kirby and Daniel Stricker, Sebastien has diffused the film‘s languid themes with tributes to Marvin Gaye or to Ennio Morricone... If you like instrumental music with a deeply sensual twist, this record is for you!

Available now on CD, vinyl, and digital HERE
In French theaters on April 13th!

Watch the teaser of the soundtrack, starring Sébastien!

Here's the trailer:

Read the Hollywood Reporter's review of the film here

Sébastien Tellier

february 7th, 2016

Release of 3 tracks from the OST of Saint Amour

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Sebastien Tellier has composed the soundtrack of "Saint Amour", the new film of Benoît Delépine and Gustave Kervern, starring Gérard Depardieu.
Record Makers will release 3 tracks from this soundtrack on February 26th in digital!

Watch the teaser:

In French theaters on March 2nd

january 22th, 2016

Snapchat : recordmakersoff

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We're on Snapchat! Add us, we've got a lot of stuff and exclusivities to show you in the coming weeks... ;)

▶ recordmakersoff


january 4th, 2016

Our 2015 mix!

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This mix is made of '2015 tracks exclusively, except for two. If you can recognize those two, please email their names : three first winners will receive a new years gift from Record Makers!
*Update* : congrats Fabrice, Jeanne-Sophie, & Alice!

Image courtesy of Visual Pursuit


december 18th, 2015

Our Best of 2015 playlist!

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Here's a selection of the tracks we (+ Hypnolove and Tristesse Contemporaine) liked the most this year!


Klub des Loosers

october 20th, 2015

Interview de Fuzati dans Society

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Longue interview de Fuzati dans le magazine Society, en marge du concert du Klub des Loosers à la Gaîté Lyrique à Paris pour la première fois en live band !

Extraits :

- Tu n’as pas envie de dire quelque chose à travers tes disques ?
Avec le Klub des Loosers, j’ai toujours voulu faire quelque chose d’universel. Le premier album parle du mal-être adolescent, le deuxième du fait de ne pas se reproduire. Je n’ai pas envie de parler de religion ou de politique, je trouve que ce sont des sujets trop graves pour pouvoir les aborder dans un album. Ce n’est pas parce que tu fais de la musique que t’as la science infuse. Je trouve ça bizarre d’imposer un mode de pensée aux gens. Je ne veux pas être normatif. D’où l’humour, le second degré.

- L’humour, c’est un des ressorts fondamentaux de ton écriture ?
Oui, on me présente parfois comme houellebecquien, alors que je trouve que chez Houellebecq, tu n’as aucun espoir. Le Klub des Loosers, il y a la possibilité d’une issue, ce qui rend le truc un peu plus romantique. Le personnage essaie d’y croire. Ce n’est jamais une musique qui va te plomber. C’est de l’humour noir mais de l’humour. C’est ma personnalité aussi. J’ai toujours été un vanneur. À l’école, les autres prenaient cher. C’est la culture de la punchline, du freestyle, où il faut toujours chercher la phrase qui va mettre tout le monde d’accord. Quand j’ai commencé à rapper, au bout de trois semaines, alors que j’étais supernul, je savais improviser. C’est inné.

- Quel est ton processus d’écriture ?
Je déteste quand c’est scolaire. Je ne me mets jamais devant une feuille pour écrire. Quand une phrase me vient, je la note sur un carnet. Après, je regarde mon carnet, je vois ce qui peut aller ensemble et j’essaie d’en faire un texte. Mon inspiration, je ne la tire pas de bouquins ni de films, mon inspiration, c’est ça (il montre les gens autour de lui). L’observation. Quand je suis dans le métro, je ne lis pas, je dévisage les gens, je les regarde en train de jouer à Candy Crush sur leurs smartphones.
Interview complète ici

Kirin J Callinan

october 16th, 2015

New signing, & new single out!

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We are happy to announce that the Australian genius Kirin J Callinan just joined the team!

His new single, "The Teacher", featuring Connan Mockasin, is available since October 16th!

Sébastien Tellier

july 23th, 2015

A Summer with...

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All summer, every Monday and Thursday, you can find Sebastien Tellier remix rarities on Youtube!

Listen to the playlist here, and subscribe to the channel to be notified in the future!


july 20th, 2015

Follow us on Spotify!

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We are preparing some Spotify playlists to make you discover the best of the tracks released on the label for your Summer holidays!

Follow us here

Let's start with 2 playlists:

These playlists will be regularly updated, and many others will arrive...

Drawing: Mrzyk & Moriceau


july 9th, 2015

Spotify/Deezer playlist

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Turzi made a playlist for the release of his third album "C" :

Funkadelic - Mommy, What's A Funkadelic?
Hamilton Bohannon - Let's Start The Dance
Pierre Cavalli - Chasse à l'homme
Lucio Dalla - La Signora
Yves Simon - Raconte toi
François de Roubaix - Dernier Domicile Connu
Christophe - The Girl From Salina
Franco Micalizzi - Hold Up (Versione Disco)
Ennio Morricone - Le Clan des Siciliens
Stelvio Cipriani - La polizia sta a guardare
Turzi - Colombe
Ennio Morricone - La Bambola (from "Veruschka") - 3
Vladimir Cosma - Sam et Sally
Bruno Nicolai - Sans espoir
Air - Dead Bodies
ZZ Top - Enjoy And Get It On
Cabaret Voltaire - Safety Zone
Gong - You Can't Kill Me
Can - Oh Yeah
Tangerine Dream - Marmontel Riding On a Clef
Turzi - Coq
Leonie - Mozart
Black Sabbath - The Wizard
La Batteria - Chimera
Calibro 35 - Italia A Mano Armata
Popera Cosmic - Aurore Cosmic
Turzi - Corbeau

Listen on :
- Spotify
- Deezer

Sébastien Tellier

june 26th, 2015

Free EP available!

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One year ago, Sebastien Tellier released "L’Aventura", his most intimate release since his debut. The themes of this album were derived from diving into his childhood, reinventing and relocating it into the dream country of Brazil.

One track from this album was: "Comment Revoir Oursinet ?" (Translating to: "How can I see my teddy bear again?"). During the 14 minutes of this epic semi-instrumental track, Sebastien addresses his disappeared teddy bear, confessing "Life without you is difficult".

Deeply convicted by the filmic ambiance of the track, we, at Record Makers decided to launch a video competition. The winner, Carly Blackman, was able to locate and re-edit some beautiful Super8 footage from a Detroit-based family in the 70’s. Like Tellier’s song, the images portray carefreeness and innocence in their pure state. You can discover below:

To go with this release, we approached different remixers to bring their eclectic touches to this anthem and offer them through the Record Makers Soundcloud.

The first remix is from Cesare, a young producer from Ipanema and part of the Kitsuné family. He brought his optimism and gave Oursinet a fresh breath of oxygen. After all, life goes on, and it’s sweet! Available here:

Matias Aguayo is the well know Chilean-German producer, and also the creator of the Cómeme label. Aguayo, himself a learned Francophone, living several years in Paris, was moved by Tellier’s lyrics that he decided to do a re-version of the song, re-record the song entirely himself adding his own vocals. His version offers a mysterious, and surprisingly sensual tone, authenticating its honesty in a new way. Available here:

The third remix track is from Darius, a young newcomer from the Roche Musique collective. He brought the track towards languished house which takes its time to build up to a hot climate, featuring Sebastien repeating his chorus. Available here:


may 4th, 2015

EP out now!

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Turzi releases album anthem "Colombe" as a single

Turzi has acquired a reputation for being one of the early krautrock revivalists in the beginning of the century. Like all good musicians, Turzi’s music has evolved.
"Colombe", taken from his recently released and acclaimed album "C", shows this metamorphosis better than any words.
"Colombe" sounds like a hidden Ennio Morricone gem with its slow tempo and a strong melody sung by a female vocalist in the Edda Dell’Orso tradition. Romain Turzi likes to record the Eastern European instrument cymbalum, like John Barry did for his "Persuaders" theme.

Companied by remixes from two up-and-coming producers from the fast-paced, progressive French music scene:
- Polo & Pan, a well kept secret for now, but not for much longer, filter "Colombe" through their quintessentially pop sound, taking the Turzi’s theme to another dimension: groovy bass, growing structure, addictive hooks. A future hit.
- Canblaster, from the Bromance crew, takes a romantic direction with lush production, not far from Giorgio Moroder’s 80’s scores...

Watch the video for "Colombe":

Klub des Loosers

april 20th, 2015

Réédition de Vive La Vie, le 1er album du Klub des Loosers

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Dix années ont passé depuis la sortie du premier album du Klub des Loosers sur Record Makers : ça se fête !
Épuisé depuis des années, l’album ressort enfin en CD et en vinyle dans une toute nouvelle édition à retrouver ici !

Anne-Charlotte doit avoir un mari et deux enfants désormais, elle roule sûrement en Scénic. Fuzati est toujours ami avec sa main droite et amateur de jazz ; il demeure l’énigme qui a fait sa réputation. Ses nombreux copieurs ne pourront pas nier avoir écouté "Vive la vie" en boucle depuis dix ans pour pondre leurs hits gonflés à l’humour cynique. Souvent copié, jamais égalé, le b-boy de Versailles n’a pas réussi à se suicider vraiment comme le suggérait la pochette de "Vive la vie". Même son suicide commercial s’est soldé par un échec : la preuve, il est réédité à la demande générale !

"Fuzati est l’un des meilleurs rappeurs français de ces dix dernières années" Tsugi
"La plume la plus cynique du rap français" Next-Libération
"Dans Vive la vie, Fuzati rappait comme si sa vie en dépendait" Pierre Siankowski

Le Klub des Loosers est en effervescence sur les routes de France dans les prochains mois, et pour la première fois avec un groupe de vrais musiciens…


march 16th, 2015

Turzi's new album is now out!

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"A hugely rewarding listen" 7 - NME
"Turzi has forged a distinctively European style of his own, drawing on Krautrock's acid-tinged-freak-outs and blood-curdling Italian horror soundtracks" ★ ★ ★ - Q
"A French Pink Floyd on ketamine" - VICE
"A highly evocative, unsettlingly seductive analogue-synth trip through a cinematic heartland" ★ ★ ★ - Metro UK
"Spectacular and futuristic" - Les Inrocks

"Grandiose et futuriste" ⚫⚫⚫⚫⚪ - Les Inrocks
"Un diamant d'un merveilleux calibre" (...) Romain Turzi a une maîtrise et une culture musicale assez exceptionnelles et s'en sert en virtuose" ♥ ♥ ♥ - Le Figaro
"Un album cinéphile, cinétique, ambitieux" -
"Magique, mystique, et inspiré !" - Trax
"Troublant, parfois terriblement exigeant et toujours totalement intenable" 8/10 - New Noise
"Sous haute inspiration Vannier, Planète Sauvage de Goraguer, Morricone psyché etc., le nouveau Turzi est impressionnant" - Christophe Conte

Available in CD, vinyl, MP3 on our website

Listen to the album on :

Bonus editions with remixes of "Condor" on :
iTunes : Zombie Zombie and Turzi Electronique Expérience
Qobuz (HD, 24 bits) : Walter


march 13th, 2015

Stream Turzi's new album C

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Stream the new album of Turzi, "C", out March 16th, on

"La grandeur du Versaillais Turzi n’a jamais fait aucun doute, mais la parution la semaine prochaine de son album C ajoutera encore quelques impressionnantes hauteurs, quelques contrastes passionnants, quelques effets Technicolor et quelques décors grandioses à son art déjà bien affirmé.
C, comme cinéma : une seule lettre mais une infinité d’images. Conçu, écrit, arrangé avec une rare intelligence et une ambition forte, l’album du Français affirme la passion pour le 7ème art d’un garçon que l’on a déjà vu, avec brio, illustrer Nosferatu ou Metropolis, et frotte à son modernisme si particulier les talents d’Ennio Morricone, Angelo Badalamenti ou Jean-Claude Vannier." Thomas Burgel, Les Inrocks.

For Belgium, go to Focus Vif here
"Comme le chantait Michael, "it's easy like 1, 2, 3". Après un premier album intitulé A, un deuxième B, Turzi clôt logiquement sa trilogie alphabétique avec le nouveau C. Les Versaillais, drivés par Romain Turzi, proposent une nouvelle plongée psychédélique bien barrée. De Coucou à Condor en passant par Cormoran, du kraut gonflé aux hormones "floydiennes", de la BO de séries B électrisée à coups d'électro sous influence Moroder... Good trip!" Laurent Hoebrechts, Focus Vif


march 4th, 2015

NME', Q' & Vice's reviews of C

Pre-order "C" on iTunes and get "Condor" & "Cormoran" immediately
Album out 16/03

NME's review:


Q's review :

"The multi-instrumentalist composer has forged a distinctively European style of his own, drawing on Krautrock's acid-tinged freak-outs and blood-cudling Italian horror soundtracks."
"Avian-inspired, synth-powered French psychedelia"

★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
Q345 - April issue


Vice US's review :


february 11th, 2015

Stream the new EP

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A taster for the last opus of their triptych christened "C", Turzi reveal their first EP, "Condor", out now in digital on our website.
Here the Turzi original is coupled with two remixes made by Matias Aguayo and Moodoïd.

What's better than to rallying two names in concurrent scenes, with opposing styles behind Turzi's cause?!

A lively hypnosis of electronics from Matias Aguayo, Cómeme's founder and historical Kompakt artist, versus the (very first remix from) dreamy psych-pop from the band lead by Pablo Padovani.

Stream the full EP:

Sébastien Tellier

january 27th, 2015

(Re)Discover Sebastien Tellier on Youtube

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Each day until March 6th, (re)discover Sebastien Tellier's music on our Youtube channel!

► Subscribe here to receive the updates:
Sebastien Tellier's playlist

Sébastien Tellier

december 22th, 2014

L'Aventura, #20 best album of the year for Les Inrocks!

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Top 100: the best albums of 2014 by Les Inrocks


december 11th, 2014

New album C announced!

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Following on from “A” (2007) & “B”(2009), “C” is the end to the trilogy. The album will be out on March 16th, 2015!
Taking advantage of his Parisian studio, Romain Turzi has made and produced this analogue album with the freedom from orthodox formulaic processes.
For this finale, “C” features an enigmatic operatic voice which serves as a atmospheric instrument allowing the music to transend contemporary genre classifications to a place more associated with soundtracks than charts.
Though unclassifiable, the smooth aural and lyrical strands through these nine tracks weave a story that is the reflection of the breadth of artistic vision of Romain Turzi.

Listen to the first single "Condor" :

Sébastien Tellier

december 8th, 2014

Sebastien Tellier new vinyl EP

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New Sébastien Tellier vinyl EP, taken from his album "L'Aventura"

Tracklisting :
A1 : Aller vers le soleil
A2 : Aller vers le soleil (Hercules and Love Affair Remix)
A3 : Aller vers le soleil (Tom Furse (from The Horrors) Remix)
B1 : Ricky l'adolescent
B2 : Ricky l'adolescent (Principles of Geometry Remix)
B3 : Ricky l'adolescent (Walter Official Remix)

Order the vinyl here

Midnight Juggernauts

november 14th, 2014

A 4-tracks charity EP from Midnight Juggernauts

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Message from the Midnight Juggernauts :

For our 10 Year Anniversary we've decided to support a charity that's close to our heart, the "Aboriginal Benefits Foundation" specifically for healthcare. Almost 1 third of Aboriginal people are dead before the age of 45. 100% of proceeds to the cause. You can purchase, for any amount, a brand new EP in our series of AERIALS EP's. Find out more + donate:

Here's a video we put together in an ode to Google Earth, an Aerial visit to some of our favourite locations. An end to crowd-sourced 3D modelling as Google moves to auto-generated 3D mesh buildings through photogrammetry technologies. A technological last rites before the new dawn..


november 6th, 2014

Mixtape + interview for Red Bull Studios Paris

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Listen to Hypnolove's fall mixtape, made for their Red Bull Studio Paris' session :

If you read French, check out the interview here

They worked on new tracks, stay tuned...

Sébastien Tellier

september 15th, 2014

Sebastien Tellier's Euro tour in October and November!

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Sebastien Tellier will tour in October/November in France and Europe to showcase his new album "L'Aventura", as well as revisit his previously released classics with a new Brazilian themed twist!
Info & tickets here

03/10 @ Le Plan (Ris-Orangis - FRA)
08/10 @ La Laiterie (Strasbourg - FRA)
09/10 @ Nancy Jazz Pulsations (Nancy - FRA)
10/10 @ Le 106 (Rouen - FRA)
11/10 @ L'Ancienne Belgique (Bruxelles - BE)
12/10 @ New Fall Festival (Düsseldorf - DE)

15/10 @ Le Bikini (Toulouse - FRA)
16/10 @ Rocher de Palmer (Bordeaux - FRA)
17/10 @ Le Tap (Poitiers - FRA)
18/10 @ Le Transbordeur (Lyon - FRA)
20/10 @ Casino de Paris (Paris - FRA)
22/10 @ Stereolux (Nantes - FRA)
23/10 @ L'Etage (Rennes - FRA)
25/10 @ Nuits Electriques (Lille - FRA)
26/10 @ Rondel (Bern - CH)
27/10 @ SchwuZ (Berlin - DE)

30/10 @ La Paloma (Nîmes - FRA)
31/10 @ Espace Julien (Marseille - FRA)
01/11 @ L'Atabal (Biarritz - FRA)
04/11 @ Village Underground (London - UK)
05/11 @ Babylon (Istanbul - TUR)
07/11 @ Fuzz Club (Athens - GRE)

Sébastien Tellier

july 30th, 2014

Red Bull Studios session

Sebastien went to Paris Red Bull Studio and recorded acoustic versions of his classics and tracks from his new album "L'Aventura", with percussions and... an accordion. Check them out below :

"L'adulte" + "Cochon Ville" :

"Ma Calypso" + "L'amour et la violence" :

"Fingers of Steel" + "L'amour Carnaval" :


july 18th, 2014

Turzi's Red Bull Studio Paris session

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Listen to Turzi's rough track "Taurine Tentation", a *rough* track of Turzi, recorded during his Red Bull Studio Paris' session :

If you read French, check out the interview here

Turzi will be back early 2015 with a new album...

Sébastien Tellier

july 14th, 2014

Sebastien Tellier's new album "L'Aventura" is out now !

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Sebastien Tellier's fifth studio album, "L'aventura", is now available worldwide !
Grab it in vinyl, CD, or digital on our online store, or at your local store, on iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon etc etc ;)

Produced by Sebastien Tellier, arranged by Brazilian legend Arthur Verocai, mixed by Zdar
New album "L'Aventura"