july 9th, 2015

Spotify/Deezer playlist

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Turzi made a playlist for the release of his third album "C" :

Funkadelic - Mommy, What's A Funkadelic?
Hamilton Bohannon - Let's Start The Dance
Pierre Cavalli - Chasse à l'homme
Lucio Dalla - La Signora
Yves Simon - Raconte toi
François de Roubaix - Dernier Domicile Connu
Christophe - The Girl From Salina
Franco Micalizzi - Hold Up (Versione Disco)
Ennio Morricone - Le Clan des Siciliens
Stelvio Cipriani - La polizia sta a guardare
Turzi - Colombe
Ennio Morricone - La Bambola (from "Veruschka") - 3
Vladimir Cosma - Sam et Sally
Bruno Nicolai - Sans espoir
Air - Dead Bodies
ZZ Top - Enjoy And Get It On
Cabaret Voltaire - Safety Zone
Gong - You Can't Kill Me
Can - Oh Yeah
Tangerine Dream - Marmontel Riding On a Clef
Turzi - Coq
Leonie - Mozart
Black Sabbath - The Wizard
La Batteria - Chimera
Calibro 35 - Italia A Mano Armata
Popera Cosmic - Aurore Cosmic
Turzi - Corbeau

Listen on :
- Spotify
- Deezer


may 4th, 2015

EP out now!

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Turzi releases album anthem "Colombe" as a single

Turzi has acquired a reputation for being one of the early krautrock revivalists in the beginning of the century. Like all good musicians, Turzi’s music has evolved.
"Colombe", taken from his recently released and acclaimed album "C", shows this metamorphosis better than any words.
"Colombe" sounds like a hidden Ennio Morricone gem with its slow tempo and a strong melody sung by a female vocalist in the Edda Dell’Orso tradition. Romain Turzi likes to record the Eastern European instrument cymbalum, like John Barry did for his "Persuaders" theme.

Companied by remixes from two up-and-coming producers from the fast-paced, progressive French music scene:
- Polo & Pan, a well kept secret for now, but not for much longer, filter "Colombe" through their quintessentially pop sound, taking the Turzi’s theme to another dimension: groovy bass, growing structure, addictive hooks. A future hit.
- Canblaster, from the Bromance crew, takes a romantic direction with lush production, not far from Giorgio Moroder’s 80’s scores...

Watch the video for "Colombe":


march 16th, 2015

Turzi's new album is now out!

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"A hugely rewarding listen" 7 - NME
"Turzi has forged a distinctively European style of his own, drawing on Krautrock's acid-tinged-freak-outs and blood-curdling Italian horror soundtracks" ★ ★ ★ - Q
"A French Pink Floyd on ketamine" - VICE
"A highly evocative, unsettlingly seductive analogue-synth trip through a cinematic heartland" ★ ★ ★ - Metro UK
"Spectacular and futuristic" - Les Inrocks

"Grandiose et futuriste" ⚫⚫⚫⚫⚪ - Les Inrocks
"Un diamant d'un merveilleux calibre" (...) Romain Turzi a une maîtrise et une culture musicale assez exceptionnelles et s'en sert en virtuose" ♥ ♥ ♥ - Le Figaro
"Un album cinéphile, cinétique, ambitieux" -
"Magique, mystique, et inspiré !" - Trax
"Troublant, parfois terriblement exigeant et toujours totalement intenable" 8/10 - New Noise
"Sous haute inspiration Vannier, Planète Sauvage de Goraguer, Morricone psyché etc., le nouveau Turzi est impressionnant" - Christophe Conte

Available in CD, vinyl, MP3 on our website

Listen to the album on :

Bonus editions with remixes of "Condor" on :
iTunes : Zombie Zombie and Turzi Electronique Expérience
Qobuz (HD, 24 bits) : Walter


march 13th, 2015

Stream Turzi's new album C

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Stream the new album of Turzi, "C", out March 16th, on

"La grandeur du Versaillais Turzi n’a jamais fait aucun doute, mais la parution la semaine prochaine de son album C ajoutera encore quelques impressionnantes hauteurs, quelques contrastes passionnants, quelques effets Technicolor et quelques décors grandioses à son art déjà bien affirmé.
C, comme cinéma : une seule lettre mais une infinité d’images. Conçu, écrit, arrangé avec une rare intelligence et une ambition forte, l’album du Français affirme la passion pour le 7ème art d’un garçon que l’on a déjà vu, avec brio, illustrer Nosferatu ou Metropolis, et frotte à son modernisme si particulier les talents d’Ennio Morricone, Angelo Badalamenti ou Jean-Claude Vannier." Thomas Burgel, Les Inrocks.

For Belgium, go to Focus Vif here
"Comme le chantait Michael, "it's easy like 1, 2, 3". Après un premier album intitulé A, un deuxième B, Turzi clôt logiquement sa trilogie alphabétique avec le nouveau C. Les Versaillais, drivés par Romain Turzi, proposent une nouvelle plongée psychédélique bien barrée. De Coucou à Condor en passant par Cormoran, du kraut gonflé aux hormones "floydiennes", de la BO de séries B électrisée à coups d'électro sous influence Moroder... Good trip!" Laurent Hoebrechts, Focus Vif


march 4th, 2015

NME', Q' & Vice's reviews of C

Pre-order "C" on iTunes and get "Condor" & "Cormoran" immediately
Album out 16/03

NME's review:


Q's review :

"The multi-instrumentalist composer has forged a distinctively European style of his own, drawing on Krautrock's acid-tinged freak-outs and blood-cudling Italian horror soundtracks."
"Avian-inspired, synth-powered French psychedelia"

★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
Q345 - April issue


Vice US's review :


february 11th, 2015

Stream the new EP

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A taster for the last opus of their triptych christened "C", Turzi reveal their first EP, "Condor", out now in digital on our website.
Here the Turzi original is coupled with two remixes made by Matias Aguayo and Moodoïd.

What's better than to rallying two names in concurrent scenes, with opposing styles behind Turzi's cause?!

A lively hypnosis of electronics from Matias Aguayo, Cómeme's founder and historical Kompakt artist, versus the (very first remix from) dreamy psych-pop from the band lead by Pablo Padovani.

Stream the full EP:


december 11th, 2014

New album C announced!

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Following on from “A” (2007) & “B”(2009), “C” is the end to the trilogy. The album will be out on March 16th, 2015!
Taking advantage of his Parisian studio, Romain Turzi has made and produced this analogue album with the freedom from orthodox formulaic processes.
For this finale, “C” features an enigmatic operatic voice which serves as a atmospheric instrument allowing the music to transend contemporary genre classifications to a place more associated with soundtracks than charts.
Though unclassifiable, the smooth aural and lyrical strands through these nine tracks weave a story that is the reflection of the breadth of artistic vision of Romain Turzi.

Listen to the first single "Condor" :


july 18th, 2014

Turzi's Red Bull Studio Paris session

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Listen to Turzi's rough track "Taurine Tentation", a *rough* track of Turzi, recorded during his Red Bull Studio Paris' session :

If you read French, check out the interview here

Turzi will be back early 2015 with a new album...